Pastor Cindy

Rev. Cindy M. Rasmussen is pastor at Asbury United Methodist Church.

Pastor Cindy came to Asbury in June 2012 from Immanuel United Methodist Church in Corcoran, MN, where she was pastor for four years. Before that, she served for 13 years at Fairmount Avenue United Methodist Church in St. Paul.

She received her Master of Divinity Degree from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, IL.  She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Hamline University in St. Paul.

When she is not preaching or leading activities at Asbury, Pastor Cindy loves to hike and experience the outdoors in the Duluth area and along Minnesota’s North Shore, which has long been a favorite vacation spot.

She sometimes brings part of the outdoors back inside, as she is well known as a fan of rocks of all shapes, sizes and colors. You will find more than a few with her wherever she is, including in her office and in pictures on the walls of her office.

You can contact Pastor Cindy at 218-624-0061 or by email.