“Hitting the Road” With Jesus — August 2017

August 2017 Cindy ADC sign

This past week was TPUMMs (Twin Ports United Methodist Ministries) Adventure Day Camp for children and youth. ADC is held at the Boy Scout Camp on Island Lake and is four days of learning, fun and adventure. We meet from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm and the daily schedule includes time for stories/drama, crafts, games, exploration, swimming, kayaking and canoeing. And, of course, lunch!

This year we had 54 children as well as youth counselors and many adult leaders. Wednesday was Asbury’s day at the camp, which means I led the story/drama time and we provided the snacks. This year Dawn Jones, Lily Vanneste and Emma Vanneste were my helpers.

Rev. Joel, from Faith UMC in Superior, led the opening time with enthusiastic singing and
conversation. The kids loved him! Then they were off to the various stations according to the rotating schedule. It is an important week to share God’s love and Jesus’ message with this group of young, energetic children of God!

Our theme this year was “Camping Out: Getting S’more of Jesus.” Each day the children
explored places of camping out, but not necessarily “camping out” like we know it. The first day was about Mary and Joseph, the second day was Jesus in the desert, the third day was Jesus camping out in many different places as he taught, healed and preached and the fourth day was where the disciples camped out after Jesus’ death.

On Wednesday, Asbury’s day, we talked about how Jesus called the disciples and they left everything and followed him. One of the questions I had each group consider was: “If you were going to ‘hit the road’ with Jesus, what are some things you would bring with you that would fit in a bag that you could carry?” There were some common things that most of the kids mentioned like food, water, pillow and clothes. Although some of them did forget about extra clothes! Then there were more personal items like a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, a special book, a favorite pair of shoes or a cross necklace.

It was and is an interesting process to think and talk about that question. I invite you to consider it: If you were going to “hit the road” with Jesus, what would you bring with you that would fit in a bag you could carry?

When Shirley sent out the email asking for August newsletter articles I thought, it can’t be August already! I hope you are finding joy and moments of peace as we bask in the amazing gift of God’s creation this summer.

Peace and Joy

Pastor Cindy