“Journeying People” — October 2017

Cindy Oct 2017

We are journeying people. From the time we enter into the world until the moment we take our final breath, we make our way as life unfolds before us. So it is with our faith. It too is a lifelong journey

In the United Methodist Church, confirmation is one of the first significant moments in which we affirm the faith into which we were baptized. It brings into focus the life of discipleship, recognizes a new level of maturity in Christian faith and affirms participation in a community of faith. It is a time when we learn about who we are as God’s people and how that affects our lives. It is a time to learn how God has worked in the lives and faith of others. It is a time to learn about who we are as Christians, as United Methodists and as human beings. It is a time to think about who we want to become.

This past year I have been working with six amazing youth: Chris DeSantell, Ben Nylund, Emily Rager, Mallorie Schwartz, Emma Jo Vanneste and Lily Ann Vanneste. We have talked about and studied beliefs and faith, which included God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, the Bible, Communion and Baptism. We explored the history and heritage of our faith, and the practices that support and strengthen it. This year Asbury UMC celebrated 25 years of ministry here on Grand Avenue and we talked about the history of this church and the people.

As we learned and shared this year, it became obvious once again that confirmation is not something “accomplished” but rather another important step and another new beginning to lifelong learning and deeper growth in our faith.

Sunday, October 29, is Confirmation Sunday.  We will celebrate Lily, Emma, Mallorie, Emily, Ben and Chris as they affirm the faith into which they were baptized. I hope you will be present as a sign of the support and love of our community of faith.

It has been such a joy for me to get to know these young adults. They bring so much hope and
promise for the future!

Peace & Joy,

Pastor Cindy